Frequently asked questions

First of all, take a look at the sizing guide.  Second, if you still have doubts, you can send us an email giving us your exact measures and referring to the garment that interest you. That way we can give you recommendations.

Basic measures:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Chest contour
  • Shoulders distance
  • Waist contour
  • Hips contour

We’ve selected special patterns for online sales, with flattering fitting for different body shapes. Besides, we check, before the shipping, that the selected size is your size. Once you get your garment, if you are sure you don’t want it, you can return it on time and take care of shipping costs.

Yes, send an email with your order number and the message details and check our packing details.

Right now we can only schedule personal appointments in our Madrid and Sevilla center showrooms. If it’s impossible for you to come and see us, you can send us an email and propose us a showroom or special store where we can organize a Trunkshow in your city.

The usual thing is to do it at least 3 months before the event.

How much would it cost a Haute Couture custom dress?

A custom made dress with personalized appointment can cost from 1700,00 € for guesses, bridesmaids or red carpet.
For wedding dresses, our budgets start at 3000,00 €

Return Policy
  • Do you accept returns?

Yes, on the same terms and conditions as the reception of the dress. New with label and in a maximum time of 7 days.

  • Can I use my own shipping service for returns? Of course. Please send your returned product to this address: FERNANDO CLARO – WEARIT SL
    Avda. de los Pirralos 30,
    41701, Dos Hermanas. Sevilla

Take into account that if you don’t use the pre-printed return label, CLARO Online Store won’t be responsible for possible thefts or lost during the transportation, that’s why we recommend that you choose a company where you can track your shipping, like enviosimple.com or DHL

  • Do you ship worldwide?
About online orders
  • What is a pre – order and how does it work?
    Is an anticipated order of a product that is available for custom purchase, that means that the product won’t be shipped the say of the purchase and it needs time for it’s manufacturing. For most of our garments, we have a estimated time of 15 to 20 days as long as we have the fabrics in stock. Otherwise we will inform you about the time we need to fulfill the order.
About incidents
  • What if the product is damaged during the shipping?
    Get in touch with us and we’ll give you the instructions.
    Send us an email to online@fernandoclaro.com or call us at +34 910 516 940.
About the product
  • How can I clean my product?
    All the garments have an interior label with the instructions of cleaning and care.
  • Can I do a fix to a garment that just arrived?
    The company doesn’t admit returns of a product if it has been manipulated outside of our workshop.
  • I want it for a gift, can you not include the price tag?
    Yes, send us an email indicating that is a gift and we’ll cover the price. Plus you can also add a personalized dedication.
  • Do you have a store in my city?
    We have ateliers in Sevilla and Madrid, if you want to schedule an appointment call us or fill the appointments form.
  • Can I choose a different fabric or a different color for the dresses you have on your online shop?
    No, for changes or a custom dress we have our Haute Couture ateliers in Sevilla or Madrid. You can schedule an appointment filling our appointments form.
  • How can I get one of the dresses I’ve seen on press or influencers?
    If it’s an online sales product you can get it on our website. If it is custom made you can set an appointment in any of our ateliers.
  • Where is the factory or workshop?
    All of our products are 100% Made in Spain, handmade in our workshops in Sevilla.
  • Do you have a date for a trunkshow in my city?
    Send us an email to bclaro@fernandoclaro.com, telling us what’s your city and we’ll inform you.
Information about fees and invoicing

Purchases in CLARO Online Store are reserved for final customers. Our prices include IVA.

With each order, CLARO Online Store send an invoice; the document will be sent attached to the confirmation email. Please, take into account that, once the order has been confirmed there is no way to modify the order details and it’s not possible to create a new invoice.

Guia de Tallas / Size Chart