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STOCK BREAKAGE – last week the stock of the positive satin black ribbon with CLARO Yes was sold out. But we already have a date, May 5 if everything goes well. You can order it to arrive from then on. Three colors with white satin ribbon are now available.

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On April 15, we launched this product page with the idea of ​​collecting the full benefit of 350 masks purchased by our customers, donating a minimum of 10 euros:

Do you want to contribute to the study of the team of doctors and researchers from the Fight Against AIDS Foundation, IrsiCaixa and the Germans Trias i Pujol University Hospital. Get this mask “hygiene” category and provide the donation you want to contribute, from € 10.
From CLARO we have wanted to put our grain of sand with the materials and clothing thanks to our beloved seamstresses, but we also have to thank the company from Sevilla Colateral Studio that although now closed, has been able to contribute to the cutting of our first 350 masks intended for donation.

But as you are so incredible, almost 500 masks have come out, and we have had to stop because we ran out of the decorative zincs and because we were not enough. They flew in 7 days. THANK YOU. Next week we will make the donation and we will communicate it by newsletter and social networks. You can be very proud to have contributed to the investigation of the fight against this disease that has turned the world upside down.

As we still receive hundreds of messages today asking us for more masks, we are making the second version, with an improved pattern and with the inclusion of a particle filter to be able to homologate it. Meanwhile, version 1 is available with the white ribbon.

Made of false neoprene and finished with a decoration, the mask takes an ideal shape due to the seams that also decorate the fabulous design of this luxury mask.

Medical Investigation

The goal of this medical research is to minimize the amount of coronavirus in an infected person's blood, so that the viral load is so small that it does not severely contaminate others. Of every 20 contacts that an infected person can have, 2 to 3 become infected. If this number is reduced from 2 or 3 and also the virus load is less, the contamination is drastically stopped.

You have more information about the research by clicking on the image.

Neoprene Silk Base
80% polyamide
20% Elastane


Live rasol custom + Elastic